Breathe, Balance, Legs Up the Wall

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Brynn Wickham

Brynn (RYT-500) practices yoga for equanimity, focus, and physical endurance. A student of vinyasa and hatha yoga for ten years, her classes feature unique asana sequences that are designed to suit all levels. A ...
Open with three part breathing, followed by a strength building flow, work with the strap to floss the shoulders and practice balance, close with longer holds in Lizard and Pigeon and a restorative Legs Up the Wall. Grab a strap, bolster, blocks, and optional blanket. 

Flow + Restore is a vinyasa-style flow that ends with relaxing yoga postures that are held for longer periods to support stress release in the body and mind. This class emphasizes the process of surrender and offers a deep reset for the nervous system. All practice levels are welcome.